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      I have a problem with the script. I have installed the script on my trailer and I manage to make it work quite good. But I have two problems that keeps occuring.

      1. The game freezes for a second when I press "unload bales". The console tells me that it updates a bunch of scripts (LUA call stack) Solved by a small edit in the script. I wanted it to only load square straw bales and changed it in the xml and i3d. What I changed in the script then to fix it was:

      if state == 0 then local x,y,z = getTranslation(self.centerJoint) setTranslation(self.balesJoint, x,y,z) elseif state == 1 then local x,y,z = getTranslation(self.mLeft) setTranslation(self.balesJoint, self.hLeftX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.roundsJoint, self.hLeftX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.woolJoint, self.hLeftX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.ultimaJoint, self.hLeftX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.ultima4Joint, self.hLeftX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.hdbalesJoint, self.hLeftX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.bigbalesJoint, self.hLeftX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.wood2Joint, self.hLeftX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) elseif state == 2 then local x,y,z = getTranslation(self.mRight) setTranslation(self.balesJoint, self.hRightX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.roundsJoint, self.hRightX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.woolJoint, self.hRightX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.ultimaJoint, self.hRightX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.ultima4Joint, self.hRightX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.hdbalesJoint, self.hRightX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.bigbalesJoint, self.hRightX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.wood2Joint, self.hRightX+olddif,dif-1.1,z) elseif state == 3 then local x,y,z = getTranslation(self.mBack) setTranslation(self.balesJoint, olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.roundsJoint, olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.woolJoint, olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.ultimaJoint, olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.ultima4Joint, olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.hdbalesJoint, olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.bigbalesJoint, olddif,dif-1.1,z) setTranslation(self.wood2Joint, olddif,dif-1.1,z) end

      In this section I deleted everything except the lines saying "balesJoint" and now the callstack isn't happening no more.

      2. The bales are a wee bit offset to the right on the trailer bed. This only occurs on the second time of loading the bales. The first time i load the bales they seem to refer to the "Center" node. Any thoughts on this? Solved by moving both the Center reference and trigger reference to the same X coordinates.


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